All of Us

All of Us
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Unconditional Love

Comments regarding politicial maneuvering and coverups are obstructing the issue regarding the sanctity of life.

How valuable is life?

At what point do we consider it NOT valuable?

Even the person capable of making their own end of life decision needs to think about that.

Not everyone thinks the removal of Sun Hudson off life support was just. Don't ascribe motives to all that may be held by a select few. Some pro-life leaning people may be for the death penalty. Some pro-choice people (Susan Sarandon comes to mind) are anti-death penalty. Not everyone falls neatly into a category.

This case is NOT just about one person, and the government meddling in private business. If we were held to that standard there never would have been a civil rights movement. It essentially is about the VALUE of life.

The ONE good thing that will come out of her death is that she will finally experience unconditional love.

Pray without ceasing.


boomSLANG said...

I was wondering.....does the X-ian god still love a person once He is forced to banish them to eternal damnation? know, kinda like "tough love"... or does He outright hate them? The reason I ask, is because if he does in fact loathe the people that He damns to Hell, wouldn't it be a stretch of the imagination to say that his love is "Unconditional"?... I mean, call me crazy, but "Love me....or burn" actually sounds pretty conditional to me. Just curious.

Think without ceasing.

I Hope. said...

You can argue that position when you get where you're going.