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All of Us
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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Prayer Vigil March 12, 2005 2:00pm EST

*** If you cannot be there physically, be there in spirit. Let us never forget the power of prayer. As posted on :

DATE: March 12, 2005 TIME: 2.00pm ET (GMT-5)Speakers/Press Conference/vigil to follow
LOCATION: WOODSIDE HOSPICE: 6770 102nd Ave. Pinellas Park, Florida
CONTACT: Eleanor Drechsel 727-867-4861 - emldrechsel@aol.comJana Carpenter 727-443-3470 -
Will Terri's Roman Catholic Faith be the saving grace snatching her from the evil grip of a culture of death or will her constitutional rights be trampled and denied in order to advance the euthanasia and assisted suicide agenda? Prolife individuals will come together to pray, fast, and PROCLAIM THE TRUTH!
Father Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International, heralded by Pope John Paul II as "The Apostle of Life" expresses his support and urges courageous resolve to all who respond to this action in defense of life.
Speakers and supporters include; Patricia Anderson Attorney for Terri’s parents 2001-2004; Jay Carpenter M.D Pres., Professionals for Excellence in Health Care; Dr. Thomas Droleskey Founder/Pres. Christ The King College; Patricia Farley Dir. Suncoast Coalition for Life; Christopher Ferrara Pres. Catholic Lawyers Assoc.; Jan Halisky Attorney, Pres. Pinellas County Right to Life; Joseph Magri Attorney; Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski Priest, advisor for Terri & Schindler family; Steven Mosher Pres. Population Research Institute; Joseph Scheidler Dir. Pro-Life Action League; Jim Sedlak Vice Pres.. American Life League; Rev. Raymond Vega Priest, advisor for Terri supporters; Debi Vinnage Pres Children of God for Life; Patricia Wermuth Fertility Care Services of Tampa; Stephen White M.D. Pres. Catholic Medical Assoc.
"We must speak out with the clarity of Christ's Truth and Church teaching. No human being has any right found in the Divine positive law or the natural law to starve or dehydrate himself to death or to delegate to others the power of starving or dehydrating himself to death. No human institution, such as a legislature or court, has the authority to enact or to enforce legislation contrary to the Divine positive law and the natural law.” (Dr. Thomas Drolesky)
Tyrannical judges, courts, and laws, must be weeded out and exposed. Rampant injustices mandating the killing of Terri have held her a virtual prisoner on death row in Hospice Woodside. Subjecting this disabled woman to abuse and neglect at the behest of Michael Schiavo is simply dehumanizing and criminal.
“There is no rational justification, moral or medical, to withdraw food and water from Mrs. Terri Schindler-Schiavo. In a country that legally justifies the destruction of innocent human life in its most vulnerable stage of development, within the womb of the mother, it will come as no surprise that our courts have failed to defend her right to life. The darkness of death shrouds the conscience of America.” (Dr. Stephen White, Catholic Medical Association)

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