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All of Us
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

When Life loses value

A developmentally disabled student at Mifflin High School was allegedly sexually assaulted by four students who videotaped the attack. Four of the school’s top administrators were suspended pending investigation for failing to notify the police or the child’s parents. Read more here and here.

This story is disturbing on many levels. Apparently several students took part in the attack, while many more possibly have watched. The attack happened in early March, and has received little MSM attention, until recently, with the notable exception of talk radio host, Glenn Beck. Administrators failed the disabled girl in not notifying emergency personnel or police IMMEDIATELY, or even a parent. Instead of having criminal charges filed, or being fired, most of the school administrators are being transferred. Will they do 'better' at another school?

How can we have people that are so unwilling to help others in need? How can we raise our children to look the other way when someone needs help, or worse, participating in a brutal attack? How can the media not be OUTRAGED over this? The culture of death is creeping into all facets of our lives and infecting even our children.

All life, all people, should be protected, no matter their circumstances. When life loses value, nothing can exist.

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