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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Press release from District 6 Medical Examiner Office re: Terri Schiavo

According to a District 6 Medical Examiner press release,since updated,"...Under Florida Law, the District Medical Examiner shall determine the cause of death in certain circumstances and family requests are immaterial in that determination. " Many questions will not be anwered until at least the autopsy report is made public in a few weeks, but the office states, "The examination of Mrs. Schiavo’s remains will include routine forensic autopsy procedures supplemented by postmortem radiographs and a thorough neuropathology examination by a Board certified Neuropathologist."

It is sad and incomprehensible that Michael Schiavo seems to be wallowing in acrimony as he would not allow the family to be with her during her final moments, nor release the body to the Schindler family for a Catholic Burial Mass, and, as reported on Glenn Beck's radio show on The Big Talker 1210, not even give them a lock of her hair.

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