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Friday, July 18, 2008

Winning 10 piece RR cookware from

Won the 10 piece orange Rachael Ray cookware set from On a whim, I submitted a very quickly written poem about the sad state of my cookware.

WINNER of Rachael Ray's 10-pc Porcelain Enamel Orange Cookware
Post in the comments below why you would benefit most from a new set of cookware:
"Making a Family Meal
Can be quite an ordeal
One pan, one pot
Is all that I've got
And a lid?
Who am I trying to kid?
I can't get water to steam
This hand-me-down set
Arrgh! I want to scream!
A wedding set
We did not get
My cookware is a mess
Can I use this pot-
When it is handle less?
The Rachael Ray set
Orange or blue eclectic
Would work on my stove
An ordinary electric
No flat top for me
I'm a little behind
Winning this set
Would really be fine!"
By Diane Back to "Family Meal at Food Network" video

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